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Crystal Healing Systems

With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:
  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage

    When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me for a PayPal invoice


    13 Crystal Skulls Attunement
    Founder: Hari Andri WinarsoPrerequisite: Minimum 2nd Level of Reiki. This is a healing energy system that will align and attune you to The 13 Crystal Skull energy. Crystal Skull energy is a pure and very powerful Divine energy. Benefits of 13 Crystal Skulls Attunement  include:

    • Cleaning the negative energies in yourself and the environment.
    • Increase and strengthen your healing abilities and energies.
    • Helps to activate your Third Eye Chakra and to strengthen your psychic abilities.
    • Aids healing of disease and many other benefits

    You don't need to have the real crystal skulls for this attunement or chant a mantra to activate the energy. Your intention to receive the energy will be enough to active this attunement. However, small crystal skulls can now be purchasedvery inexpensively and if you feel drawn to working with this energy it would be a worthy investment and the energy and personality of each one is breathtaking


    Amethyst Ray of Peace and Transmutation  £10 Founder: Elizabeth Ami. The amethyst crystal is associated with the third eye and crown chakras and has many healing and spiritual properties. Amethyst will assist with: Sobriety - Wisdom - Dreams  - Protection - Spirituality. Amethyst crystals awaken one’s consciousness to life's spirituality. This gemstone facilitates bringing together one’s inner and outer experiences. Amethyst stones promote focus on a higher, more spiritual state of being. When one works with amethyst crystals regularly, undesirable tendencies begin to dissolve as the higher self is engaged and spirituality is grounded in one’s earthbound reality. Amethyst crystals help with headaches, eyes, scalp/hair, pituitary, pineal, and balancing blood sugar. Amethyst will also assist with stopping addictions, impatience and reducing anger


    Anja Lense Empowerment for the 3rd Eye £15 Founder: Mariah WindsongPre-requisite:  Reiki Master or Seichim Master. Many people suffer pain, pressure or discomfort in the Ajna area of the forehead after doing intuitive work or being in a crowd of people. This system is composed of nine ethereal gems whose spiritual energies are organized by your Higher Self, some people will experience a heightened intuition and perception of spiritual awareness after this attunement. You will stream the technology of the Ajna Lense and its associated protection of the synergy of the gems for yourself and you can stream for others as long as they are Reiki or Seichim Masters.

    Atlantian  & Gaia Trilogy  £25 Founder Jay Burrell. The Purpose of these Activation’s and empowerments are to bring forth the Knowledge and Energy that the Atlantians used during their glorious existence here on Mother Earth (Gaia). The Manual is split into 3 separate sections which will guide you in firstly using the Atlantian Crystal that is placed into your Crown Chakra (7th Chakra). After this, you will receive the Crystal Skull Activation where you will have an Etheric Skull placed into your Transpersonal Point/Stellar Gateway Chakra (8th Chakra, about 5-6 inches above your crown chakra). Then finally you will come back to mother earth to be grounded via the Elemental Earth Star Empowerment. Your Earth Star Chakra is situated 3 feet below the soles of your feet.

    Celestial Crystals Empowerment  £25Founder: Jay Burrell, Prerequisite: Celestial Starseed Activation which you can read about further down this page. The Celestial Crystals Empowerment has been channelled to give you the ability to access specific Crystalline Frequencies in order to help you pass through the Veil of the Old Age so that you can enter the New Age of Consciousness with ease. This Crossing of the Veil will occur on the 21st day of December 2018 and will continue for the duration of 24 months. Accumulating on the 21st December 2020. Working etherically with crystals allows us to access the energies of crystals we may not readily be able to work with physically. This system takes this one step further by connecting us to crystals with celestial or galactic energies from deep in space. These energies will be encoded into your auric field. These stones are not of the Earth and have come to us from the Universal Consciousness and Godhead. Many crystals are formed within the Earth but there are some which have come to Earth from Outer Space. Moldavite is one you may have heard of, but there are also other stones that are not naturally formed on Mother Earth. Within this system, you will receive the Energetic Connections to these stones where you can simply intend for them to become active within your Auric Field giving you the ability to use them during your Meditations, Healings and also Galactic Travels.

    You will learn about:

    • Channelled Information about the Celestial Crystals
    • Separating the Veil
    • The Governing Planets of the Body
    • Tektite & Metaphysical Properties
    • Moldavite & Metaphysical Properties
    • Meteorite Energy & Metaphysical Properties
    • Chondrite Meteorites
    • Achondrites/Pallasite Meteorites
    • Campo Del Cielo Meteorites (The Phoenix Stone)
    • Libyan Desert Glass & Metaphysical Properties
    • Fulgurite & Metaphysical Properties
    • Opening to Celestial Energies and Extraterrestrial Contact
    • Elementals and the Elemental Kingdom
    • How to Create a Celestial Crystal Orb

    Crystal Being Therapy  £15 Founder: Mariah WindsongCrystal Being Therapy is administered by various Crystal Beings of the Silicate group of minerals. Silicate Crystal Beings have a much wider range of energy skills than has previously been recorded. Crystal Being Therapy provides you with the ease and freedom of simply speaking your concerns and needs to your Silicate Crystal Beings and the appropriate ones will arrive to administer your therapy that day. After your Crystal Being Therapy™  attunement, you have the ability to ask for specific therapies that the Crystal Beings, who are specialists for the concern you asked for help with, and they will administer these to you perfectly. Each Crystal Being Therapy will be comprised of a different combination of Silicate Crystal Beings, based on what your concerns are that day. This can help with ethereal crystal awareness, toxin release, increase intuition, and also reduce pain and muscle tension.

    Crystal Encoding Trilogy:

    1) Ethereal Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment £15 Founder: Jay Burrell. The Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment is the first crystal empowerment. This system is the prerequisite for the Phenacite Crystal Empowerment above. Stellar Atom Crystals (Himalayan Diamonds DTs) are a relatively new find emerging from the highest mountains on the planet. Similar to Herkimer Diamonds, these are true healers for the new millennium, bringing in the Golden Ray for higher vibrational healing and attunement and helping one to "believe". Stellar Atom Crystals enhance distinct awareness and unrestrained spontaneity. The etheric crystal which will be placed into your 3rd eye and crown chakras will help to raise you to a higher vibration level. This is achieved through activating the energies of the crystal via your intention and a little visualisation. This will happen within 10 seconds or less. This new empowerment will place an etheric stellar atom crystal into your crown and 3rd eye chakras to aid in developing and increasing any and all psychic abilities which we all have.

    2) Ethereal Phenacite Crystal Empowerment £15 Founder: Jay Burrell. PrerequisiteThe Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment. The Phenacite Crystal Empowerment is the second crystal system created by Jay Burrell to aid in the spiritual development and ascension of whoever works with these modalities. Where the stellar atom modality works with the chakra system as well as your psychic development the phenacite crystal empowerment continues this process of psychic development but also aids you in your connections to the masters, spirit guides and archangels. Phenacite is one of the highest frequency crystals that are available on the planet at this time. It is highly stimulating to the third eye chakra and opens the crown chakra as well as the higher chakras. It facilitates deep meditation, promoting expansiveness and an "inner knowing. The Phenacite crystal empowerment will aid you with the continuing process of accessing and stimulating your psychic energies and connections with the masters, your guides the angelic realms and all beings of light. This intensified process of connection will take place through the placing of an etheric Phenacite crystal into your crown and 3rd eye chakras as well as surrounding your entire auric field with the Phenacite energies. 


    3)Ethereal Moldavite Crystal Empowerment £15. Founder: Jay Burrell. This is the 3rd and final Crystal Empowerment within the Crystal Encoding Trilogy. Prerequisites: Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment and Phenacite Cyrstal Empowerment. Moldavite is highly prized for its intense metaphysical properties. It enhances the energies of all other Crystals while opening the 3rd Eye chakra, Balancing the Mind, Body, Spirit and Enhancing your Psychic Abilities. It is one of the most important Stones at this time of Planetary Evolution. There are many who are not originally from Planet Earth but have incarnated here at this time from various Star Systems. Moldavite acts as a booster that helps with spiritual development, increasing the development of your natural psychic abilities. It will work in alignment with the Stellar Atom Crystal and Phenacite Crystal to help you connect with inner dimensions and extraterrestrial beings as well as our Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Archangels. Moldavite is said to help accelerate your ability to perceive messages from beyond, this makes it an excellent tool for Psychic Mediums to use when reading for others as it removes negativity by allowing your Spiritual Self to be open to the world of Spirit.


    Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment £15 Founder: Joanna Rowan Mullane. As we truly start to embark upon our life journeys all of us will at one time or another experience a shedding of the old and letting go of the things that no longer serve our highest purpose. We in a sense, have a rebirth of our Spirits, we unfold as if we are butterflies, leaving the safety of our cocoons to fly towards our future destiny. This flight however does not always come easy and we sometimes find it hard to let go of the past and open our hearts to the love of the Universe that is here now! This beautiful and healing empowerment is a two-step process that works on one’s physical, mental and spiritual bodies by first helping to cleanse and release those fragments of unwanted energies and layers, and then to imprint and integrate a protective Crystal Faery Shield of light that keeps us safe and protected so that we may become who we were destined to be.


    Crystal Reiki  £25 Founder: Geoffrey Keyte. Prerequisite:You must be a Usui Reiki Master to take this attunement. Attunement to the higher vibrational frequencies of a Crystal Reiki Master will amplify all your psychic faculties and healing energies. During your Crystal Reiki Master attunement, you will receive the Life Cycle Energy Symbols which were part of the mystical Atlantian heritage and culture. These are the identical symbols that were used in the Atlantian Healing Temples by the High Priests and High Priestesses. Akhnaton -from the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs -was the reincarnation of the last High Priest of Atlantis -and it has been known by the sacred scribes, for many lifetimes past, that when Akhnaton's mummified body is eventually discovered in his last resting place, his magickal writings of timeless wisdom about THE WORD will once again be revealed unto mankind. The Life Cycle Energy Symbols were a source of eternal love and radiant light shining as an everlasting beacon through the darkness of the night -and those who honoured THE WORD channelled the Life Cycle Energy Symbols for the highest benefit of All-That-Is. When the attunement symbols are transmitted to you during your Crystal Reiki Master Attunement you will need to sit within a Star of David Crystal Configuration whilst the attunement is taking place. For this you will need; a quartz crystal to hold plus six quartz crystals (or crystals of your choice) to form a crystal grid around you. 

    Please note; if you do not have access to all of these crystals, you can for your attunement use the Ethereal Crystals system; but you will need to be already attuned to this crystal healing system beforehand.


    Ethereal Crystals Attunement Course  Levels 1-12. (Levels 1 - 9 + 10 - 12 Master Levels) £45

    Founder Ole Gabrielson. You will learn to work with the following crystal vibration without using the actual crystal physically How are Ethereal Crystals Used? They are usedin the same manner as you would use the real crystals for healing, which are placed on the body in order to raise the vibration for healing to take place. In the same manner, Ethereal Crystals are also placed on the body for healing. The only difference is that the Ethereal Crystals will disappear on their own when the client has absorbed the amount of energy required. Ethereal Crystals Attunement opens your channel to receive the energy of crystals directly from the Universe rather than through each individual one. Ethereal Crystals Attunement also makes it Earth Friendly. Every day more and more crystals are being blasted from the earth, the very crystals which hold our fragile world in perfect balance. By working with the Ethereal Crystals we can work just as effectively with these energies but without causing further damage to the Earth. You will gain access to the energy of the following crystals, these you will be able to channel by intent alone, they are always available to you. They can be placed anywhere in or on your or your client’s body to work for as long as needed after which they will disappear. You can also create gem elixirs in seconds and use them to increase the strength of your existing crystals. You can combine Etheric Crystals with other healing modalities such as Reiki or Shamanism.

    1st Attunement: Ethereal Crystals 1-2-3

    Amber - Amethyst - Aquamarine - Aventurine - Pink Beryl  (also known as Morganite) - Blue Lace Agate - Botswana Agate - Green Calcite - Carnelian

    Chrysocolla - Citrine - Clear Quartz - Diamond - Single Terminated Quartz Crystal - Emerald - Hematite - Red Jasper - Malachite - Rose Quartz - Ruby - 
    Sodalite - Turquoise 

    2nd Attunement: Ethereal Crystals 4-5-6 Attunement

    Alexandrite - Amazonite - Azurite - Bloodstone - Gold Calcite - Fire Opal - Fluorite - Red Garnet - Jade - Lapis Lazuli - Moldavite - Moonstone - Peridot - Pyrite - Blue Sapphire - Yellow Sapphire - Black Tourmaline - Violet Tourmaline - Pink Tourmaline - Double Terminated Clear Quartz  

    3rd Attunement: Ethereal Crystals 7-8-9 Attunement

    CharoitSugilith - Rhodochrosite - PyritsunPrasem (African Jade) - Snowflake Obsidian - Apache Tears - Moqui Marbles - Boji Stones - Tekite - Chalcedon - Larimar (Atlantis Stone) - Labradorite - Kunzite - Cyanite - Apophyllite - Ruby-Zoisite - Tanzanite 

    4th Attunement: Ethereal Crystals 10-11-12 Master Level Attunement

    Abundance Crystal - Isis Crystal - Channelling Crystal - Warrior Crystal - Laser Crystal - Needle Crystal - Generator Crystal - Key Crystal - E.T. Crystal - Phantom Crystal - Crystal Cluster - Master Matrix Crystal - Dolphin Crystal - Record Keeper Crystal - Twinflame Crystal -  Time Link Crystal

    Fire Crystal Reiki £10
     Founder: Hari Andri Winarso. Fire Crystal Reiki is a universal life force energy pattern that has powerful benefits to heal physical and mental diseases, clean negative energy and negative entities and make protection.


    Herkimer Diamond Ray £10 Founder: Elizabeth Ami. The Herkimer Diamond is a master class crystal that brings clarity, helping to highlight issues in oneself and in others. The energy of this master crystal activates the Merkabah and opens the energy channels up further, allowing one to “see” what blockages are present.

    Jade Essence Attunement £10  Founder: Ole Gabrielsen. Jade Essence Attunement will bring hope and peace into your life. You will be filled with a sense that... "Everything gonna be OK and it's OK to be here!"  Jade Essence brings trust in life is life-affirming and will align you with your life's purpose and mission. You can create energy tools or items imbued with Jade Essence to give to someone who has lost trust in themselves, has given up on life or is feeling sad or depressed.  

    Labradorite Ray of Spiritual Awakening £10 Founder: Elizabeth Ami. This energy helps us to gain clarity on one's journey along the path to enlightenment. The ego can get in the way of the soul's mission and it can be quick to judge. This energy helps us to get past the limitations of the ego and enables us to see the possibilities from a wider perspective to be able to fulfil one's divine mission and to find one's dharma.


    Labradorite Sphere Attunement £15 Founder: Mariah Windsong. Labradorite Sphere reduces headaches and eases pressure. Labradorite's spiritual energy forms a sphere around your body’s energy fields to dispel negativity, thus relieving the mental and emotional bodies of anxiety. Labradorite Sphere assists you to drop away patterns that have been holding you back from embracing your true self. It creates balance at a cellular level, promoting acceptance within your body to allow the changes you require to step more fully into your life’s purpose and Divine Function here on Earth. Labradorite Sphere is very adaptive and works with your Higher Self and Source to bring you the spiritual qualities of Labradorite stone that are most needed for you at this time.

    Orange Carnelian Healing Ray  £10 Founder: Elizabeth Ami. The Orange Carnelian Ray is an orange energy vibration, which is a combination of Red and Yellow, thus combining the healing qualities of both colour rays. Red is associated with the root chakra and physical healing. Yellow is associated with the solar plexus and mental functions. The Orange Carnelian Ray assists with healing the physical body and at the same time, gives us a greater understanding of how to keep the body functioning optimally. The colour orange is related to the sacral chakra. This chakra stores emotional experiences and patterns of response. Duality, controlling patterns and emotional feelings such as joy, anger and fear are stored here. The sacral chakra is associated with the mental, emotional and spiritual issues related to respecting others, emotional balance, intimacy, creativity, morality, control and learning to “let go.” Problems associated with the sacral chakra include low back pain, sciatica, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, libido, urinary problems, hormonal imbalances and immune suppression. The Orange Carnelian Ray deeply relaxes your mind, emotions, and physical cells aiding them to release the psychic debris that leads to labile emotions, lack of emotional response, and physical disease. The ray assists in restoring emotional balance and mental clarity between the lower energies (red) and higher energies (yellow) bringing you more in line with your life path, allowing you to live a more authentic life. This helps with mental clarity as the debris begins to move out of the cells assisting with cell memory and past life energy patterns as well as the present. As the healing progresses over time, immune function improves and hormonal levels stabilize as the endocrine system comes into balance.

    Quan Yin’s Lavender Flame and Lotus Jewels  £15 Founder: Andrea Suraya Meyers. The Lavender Flame of Quan Yin is a gentler version of the Violet Flame. It has a nurturing aspect and a definite feminine feel and brings a sense of peace and mercy.  Lavender is often used when Violet seems too strong for us, and its energy is associated with transformation, transmutation and purification. The Lavender Flame deals with purification, soothing away negative energies, slowly purifying our energy fields and bringing us back to balance; clearing the unwanted blocks we have put up as the result of social conditioning and turning our experiences into the Light. Lavender embraces us, nurturing away our traumas like a mother's love. Lavender lovingly teaches us like our mother would, that it is perfectly ok to be gentle and nurturing with ourselves, that nothing is to be gained by being extreme; and that we are perfect as we are, a precious Child of God. Beloved Lady Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion to all living things and has pledged herself to this forever. The Lavender Flame Attunement will create a special and unbreakable bond between you and Quan Yin’s loving nature of unwavering compassion, serving as a bridge to Divine energy. The Lotus Jewels are energetic gifts from Quan Yin and appear in many forms, spherical, crystals and often lotus shapes. Each jewel is imbued with particular qualities and there is at least one Lotus Jewel for each chakra to assist in evolving the chakras into more “perfect” forms. This system comprises of;

    • 1 attunement
    • Connection to the Lavender Flame plus symbols
    • Connection to 8 Lotus Jewels
    • Connection to the Archangels Isariel and Suriel plus relevant symbols

    Sacred Crystal Ray £15 Founder: Brenda “Silverwolf” Hanlon. We have been through great changes in the last few years. These changes have affected our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The Healing and Balancing processes of the future will be different to those of the past. And this is understandable since our new Crystal bodies function differently from the Old Earth biological forms. The basic differences are that Crystal beings have fully activated and connected DNA access, and are able to work with the basic Sacred Geometry Templates of their own Energy or Wave Form Patterns and shift them at will. The Old Earth Healing Approach Your previous Healing techniques and modalities were often based on locating and processing trauma. This could be done in the form of finding and releasing "energy blocks" in the aura or in the physical body. This was, and is, effective in restoring energy flow and function to the person's energy field and physical being. But, it maintains and works within what we could call the Old Energy Template. This is the pattern of human functioning stored within your DNA and passed to you from your parents, which was, in turn, passed to them by their parents. This DNA contains all the family records of dysfunction and disease that you as an individual can access and draw on in your creation of experience in your Earth incarnation. These physical manifestations of illness and disease were often related to, or even the product of, emotional and mental belief patterns in sin and karma, and their associated guilt, punishment, and "repayment" belief systems. These beliefs are also coded into the DNA on the emotional and mental levels, and together they form the "Old Energy Template".

    Sapphires of Angels £15 Founder: Stephen Lovering. Direct from the founder of the Colours of Angels comes this beautiful energy system called "The Sapphires of Angels" - Sapphire Encoding with the Energies of the Archangels Through this beautiful energy system Stephen Lovering was shownetheric sapphires during very deep meditation. Stephen had always associated sapphires with the colour blue and Archangel Michael but during his connection with the angels, he was shown that there are also many other colours of sapphire and each colour connects with a specific Archangel. During your attunement to the Sapphires of Angels, an Etheric Sapphire is encoded into your Auric field which will permanently connect you with its energies, but also with the energies of the archangel associated with it.

    The 7 sapphires that you will be connected to are:

    * Archangel Michaels Blue Sapphire spiritual truth and protection.

    * Archangel Jophiels Yellow Sapphire spiritual abundance.

    * Archangel Chamuels Pink Sapphire love and emotions.

    * Archangel Gabriels White Sapphire higher spiritual consciousness.

    * Archangel Raphaels Green Sapphire vision and compassion.

    * Archangel Zadkiels Purple Sapphire awakening and calming.

    * Archangel Uriels Star Sapphire intuition.

    Prerequisite; you must first be attuned to Colours of Angels

    Seven Pearls of Reiki  £25 Founders: Michèle Blanc & Elise Prévot. The Seven Pearls of Reiki was given by the Ascended Masters and is aimed toward all Master Teachers. The purpose of this course is to improve the quality of care given during treatments. Its main goal is to raise the vibration level of the initiated, but also to raise the mental and spiritual qualities of the Master Practitioner in order to perfect their commitment towards the Divine Plane. This transmission brings us back to our forgotten very ancient sources of knowledge dating back to Atlantis and Lemuria. It permits us to reconnect to our hidden memories where we already transmitted, the Love Energy of our Diamond Heart. The Energy of the Seven Pearls of Reiki permits access to the Healing of the Heart. It allows us to plug into the energy of the 7-Ascended Masters associated with this course while developing our abilities to channel and healing power. During the attunement, our vibration is raised to higher levels of compassion, patience, forgiveness and most of all understanding of others. Great Forces are put into play in order for us to access higher and higher vibration levels and we must honour our spiritual responsibility and act accordingly as conscious guides and as Reiki Masters as we serve the highest good of all who solicit us. These Masters wanted to help us during this great period of change in order to assist in the acceleration of our Spiritual Evolution as well as to reduce suffering and help heal humanity. This system includes a 41-page detailed manual which encompasses:

    • Teaching transmitted by Channelling Master DJWAL KHUL 
    • Working with the 7-Ascended Masters 
    • Buddha’s Meditation 
    • Grounding exercise after treatment 
    • The 7-Pearls of Reiki Symbols 
    • Auto Treatment using symbols 
    • Balancing Chakras 
    • Purification meditation 
    • Violet Breath Technique 
    • Attunement Ritual and more


    Sheen Obsidian Shakti Attunement £20 Founder: Mariah Windsong.  Attracts Prosperity, shift through life’s changes with grace and ease, connect deeper to divinity, safer astral travels. Sheen Obsidian Shakti is the consciously aware intelligent spiritual energy of the Sheen Obsidian volcanic glass stone. There are many varieties of Sheen Obsidian. This energy system's Shakti provides you with the ability to call upon the spiritual energies of any of the Sheen Obsidians.  A Sheen Obsidian Shakti has protective energy. She is brilliant! This connective energy expands your ability to interact with the spiritual realm while anchoring you to planet Earth's core. She is born of Earth's lifeblood of the volcanic flow and in her solid-state, she remembers her birth. Sheen Obsidian Shakti assures you that you can be here on the planet and fully in connection with your soul and any celestial realm you resonate with. She is very relative energy, with a tendency to move sideways. This is to say that she is will bring some energies from over here and then some from over there to help you better relate with the people in your life. She is also spectacular at helping smooth the way for ones to relate who didn't want to. Some of the benefits you can receive from activating and spending time with the Sheen Obsidian Shakti may include but are not limited to:

    • Increased affinity for the spiritual realm
    • Awareness of the spiritual within the everyday life occurrences
    • Compassion rooted in strength to do the right thing even if not convenient
    • Shifting through life's changes with grace and ease
    • Synergy of the influences of nature's elements in your life and body
    • Psychic and spiritual protection for all aspects of your being and body
    • An inner sureness of the rightness of decisions you make
    • A deeper connection with Divinity even when you aren't in meditation
    • A centeredness that increases your ability to access your divine gifts
    • Clarity that sears through confusion or guilt
    • Ability to relate with people you didn't know how to before now
    • An ability to flow in and out of situations with ease
    • A knowing of what you need to glean from a visit or meeting
    • Ease of attraction of money and wisdom to manage it well
    • Safer astral travels as you gain the art of simultaneous consciousness
    • Ability to work with nature and elemental kingdoms in new ways

    Silicate Crystal Care £20Founder; Mariah Windsong. This system provides healing and oversoul reconnection for your crystals. Most crystals begin their lives as part of a bigger cluster or at least a stone that is larger than the piece you see right now. This means that in their life, they have been separated from the larger silicate crystals they grew with. Silicate Crystals and mineral beings have sustained trauma by being cut away from the lattice they grew upon. In some cases, they barely remember who they are. So when we want them to help us heal, it is wise to heal them first. Once they have been reconnected with their soul group they are whole and we can form a deeper relationship with them. Silicate mineral beings are sentient aware beings. Divinity lives a self-aware existence in every facet of nature’s expression here in this reality.

    Sunstone Lightbody Attunement  £15 Founder: Hari Andri Winarso. Sunstones carry with them strong solar energy, they embody within them the warmth, strength and openness of the sun. Through this attunement and regular working with the energies of this system, you can release stress whilst improving your mental clarity, allowing you to be open to the blessings of others through your own natural gifts and abilities. It is an energy that brings out the leadership qualities in yourself and others, guiding and encouraging you in the service of others to aid others upon their life path. It is an energy that awakens cosmic consciousness and empowers you with positive universal forces, bringing with them joy and positivity into your life. It also contains potent healing energies that will re-energize your body and aid you during life changes as you move further upon your life path and this includes your ability to manifest your desires as this energy is most strongly connected to your Solar Chakra.


    Tibetan Black Quartz Healing  £10 Founder: Hari Andri Winarso. Expand your state of consciousness and assist the physical body in accepting higher energies using Tibetan Black Quartz Healing. This is a new and powerful healing system that works well in all aspects of human development and healing.

    Spirit: Tibetan Black Quartz Healing opens you to a vastly expanded state of consciousness that helps to clear the auric field and fill the physical and energetic bodies with full-spectrum Light. Tibetan Black Quartz Healing assists the physical body in integrating and using this Light as needed for spiritual growth or repair.

    Emotional: Tibetan Black Quartz Healing aids you in moving out of attachment to the emotions and into a higher perspective, where emotions are clues as to what still needs to be cleared and released from the energetic field. They assist one in practising non-attachment and non-resistance.

    Physical: Tibetan Black Quartz Healing is primarily used for healing and repair of the nervous system, including the myelin sheath, the brain and the nerve ganglia that generate the electromagnetic energies of the chakras.

    Colour Healing Systems

    7 Rays Colour Healing £15Founder Victor Glankopf.  The purpose of “The Seven Rays is to heal the physical body with colour and thus to heal the Soul. In healing the aura the Soul body is healed. Our physical bodies are ultimately composed of energy that vibrates at many different frequencies, producing different colours. Your individual aura colour is a reflection of your very own unique vibratory pattern. Sickness and disease are reflected in one's aura by incorrect colour vibrations. When we practice The Seven Rays we are able to heal through colour and correct the incorrect colour vibrations of a diseased aura. In addition to working with the Ascended Masters associated with these 7 Rays, you will also work with: Empowerment Affirmation, Seven Chakra Visualisation, the Rejuvenation Affirmation, the healer’s prayer, the protection affirmation, the healing invocation, and tiger claw cleanse.

    Alabaster Caverns Empowerment £10  Founder: Mariah Windsong. Alabaster Essence is uplifting and purifying empowerment due to the energies of various forms of alabaster found in the Alabaster Caverns in Oklahoma. Alabaster Caverns contains pink, white and black alabaster. Your Alabaster Caverns Empowerment also contains Alabaster Essence activation, this is an energy function that helps you access and work with the ethereal energies of any gypsum form of alabaster, and benefits of this include:

    • Purification
    • Awakening of dormant areas of your life
    • Love absorption & transmutation of negative energies
    • Creativity
    • Removing shyness

    Chromacolor Firebody
    Founder: Mariah Windsong. The Chromacolor Fire Body is comprised of chromocolored fire letters. Fire letters are multi and interdimensional active communication from Eternal Sacred Source to you. Fire letters are often considered to be thoughts from the Divine which contain instructions for your physicality to be raised. Fire letters can be in the form of sacred language full thought-forms, which are not distorted by time, space or lower energies of control and perversion. In this way, your Chromacolor Fire Body can protect and uplift you always. Consider a Chromacolor Fire Body as a garment of chromacolored light that vibrates at such a high level that it appears fire like in its intensity and strength. After you've accepted your attunement, you will have access to call upon this garment of chromocolored light to support your body. This means that you will have a continuing line of communication and support between you, your soul and Eternal Sacred Source every time you wear this garment. It will "burn" through any lower energies that would have sought to bring you down to their level of despair or uncertainty about your path in life. You will have a much easier time being you. The authentic aspects of you will remain intact and indeed be fed by your upgraded connection with Eternal Sacred Source when you wear your Chromacolor Fire Body.  It will be responsive to your needs while bringing into your physicality whatever you need most from Eternal Sacred Source.

    Deep Blue Reiki  £10 Founder: Hari Winarso. Deep Blue Reiki is a part of Universal Life Force energy with powerful and high vibrational energy. Deep Blue Reiki benefits us by stimulating the latent abilities of subtle perception and intuitive skills. It clears, energises and balances the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra. As the energy continues it balances the whole of the subtle anatomy. It works quickly to create a sense of great stillness and tranquillity, which make it ideal for setting your mindset ready for meditation, healing or ritual work. It works by enhancing the functions of the higher levels of consciousness. As it flows through into the physical aspect of your body it reduces tension and brings calm.

    Deep Red Reiki £15 Founder: GEOM. Deep Red Reiki is a new discovery of an ancient energy source. This truly powerful, exquisite and special frequency of LIGHT may help us in many areas and with various issues. It is especially useful for protection, grounding, revitalisation and deepest psycho-spiritual cleansing. This energy works with and supports you with Awakening, Psychic Protection, Overall Empowerment, Sealing Your Auric Field - Reclaiming Your Divinity, Reclaiming Your Power, Revitalisation, Unfolding New Passion for Life, Gaining Higher- Stronger Will, Coming to the Front of Life - Holding more Light, Life-Force and Love into your system, body, mind, cells and DNA - Boosting your Healing Energy and your Healing abilities - Helps on the Path to Enlightenment and Helps become One with All That Is / God/ the Source - Brings forth many blessings and positive energies, well-being, protection, guidance, light, joy, peace into one’s body, mind, spirit and everyday life

    Lavender Reiki  £10  Founder: Hari Andri Winarso. Lavender Reiki awakens you to your true spiritual essence. It helps you embrace your spiritual birthright and make it a reality. To do this, it aligns and integrates all your bodies—physical, emotional, causal, mental, and intuitive. As your physical and subtle bodies move toward alignment and greater cooperation, they become more aware of each other. This increased awareness further improves alignment and enhances the flow of life energy throughout your entire being. 
    The physical body has seven major chakras through which life energy flows. These chakras are reflected in each of the subtle bodies. These subtle-body reflections are some of the primary channels through which life force flows from its infinite source through the subtle bodies to the physical body. When all the chakras in all the bodies are perfectly aligned, the life force flows freely to enliven and nourish one’s entire being. Yet this is rarely the case; in response to the various stresses of life, any or all of our subtle- and physical body chakras may have shifted out of their ideal positions. As a result, the natural flow of life energy throughout our being becomes impeded, and a host of ailments can arise
    When you work with the Lavender Reiki, their energy radiates into your entire aura. There, the Lavender energy begins to abolish the negative energies that weigh you down and prevent your physical and subtle bodies from aligning themselves. The Lavender also strongly encourages all your chakras in all your bodies to move into better alignment with each other. It does this by awakening each of your bodies to become aware of its relationship with the next highest body. This inspires all your bodies and all your chakras to align and cooperate with each other.


    Magickal Color Reiki £15 Founder: Linda Colibert. Colour affects our mood, emotions, and energetic bodies.  It also holds the power to enhance your magickal work and your light work.  This attunement connects you to Spirit and to the energies of colour whenever you need them.  You will learn which colours to use for healing chakras, manifesting your goals, and for use in healing body, mind and spirit. Details are given in the manual for the use of black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, pink, and brown.  The use of colour blends is also described. There is one symbol in this system that can be used with any colour. Once you have learned how to use colours there is no limit to what you can do with them for health, harmony, happiness prosperity and more. You will learn to use colour for the following purposes:

    • Protection
    • Healing
    • To draw success
    • To draw money
    • To help heal relationships

    Seven Rays Empowerment  £20 Founder: Victor Glanckopf. The purpose of  “The Seven Rays is to heal the physical body with colour and thus to heal the Soul. In healing the aura the Soul body is healed. Our physical bodies are ultimately composed of energy that vibrates at many different frequencies, producing different colours. Your individual aura colour is a reflection of your very own unique vibratory pattern. Sickness and disease are reflected in one's aura by incorrect colour vibrations. When we practice The Seven Rays we are able to heal through colour and correct the incorrect colour vibrations of a diseased aura. We use the Seven Ray colour Attunements to achieve this. When we practice with this system we will realise that everything has an aura because everything is self-illuminated consciousness. The Seven Rays are highly diversified in their scope. Each ray possesses a specific force for healing a different condition, not only the physical body but also the emotional and mental bodies.  You will receive the following rays in one attunement session. The 7 Rays Include Blue Ray Joseph the Blessed – Orange Ray Chung the Oracle – Red Ray John the Redeemer – Yellow Ray Paul the silent – Green Ray Edward the Beneficent – Violet Ray James the Incarnation – Indigo Ray Hamid the strong. You will learn:

    • The Empowerment Affirmation
    • Visualising Your Seven Chakras
    • The Rejuvenation Affirmation
    • The Healers Prayer
    • Two Protection Affirmations
    • The Healing Invocation
    • Tiger Claw Cleanse
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